Be Sure to Catch All of Our KScope17 Presentations

Be sure to catch all the Finit sessions being offered at KScope17.  We’re pleased to be presenting 6 sessions throughout the week. In addition to Finit's 6 presentations, Oracle Ace Chris Barbieri will be participating in the Financial Close Lunch and Learn on Tuesday, June 27th. Finit’s 6 presentations and participation in the Financial Close Lunch and Learn are a reflection of our dedication to providing unmatched solutions to our customers.  If you have any questions or cannot make one of our sessions, please stop by our booth.


Splash 2017 is almost here!

OneStream’s Splash user conference is just around the corner. Be sure to join us and attend all of our sessions. We are excited to be presenting the following sessions:

Migrating from HFM to OneStream XF Cloud to Optimize the Close at Inteva

Finit helped Inteva move from HFM to OneStream XF Cloud on Microsoft Azure and they have not looked back. This story includes the automated load of 62 separate direct data sources, rich data input dashboards with embedded video instruction, reporting improvements with Extensible Documents and Report Books and more.


Upcoming Webinar: Hybrid Cubes to the Rescue

Before hybrid mode capabilities were available, multiple cube solutions that blended the power of block storage (BSO) and aggregate storage (ASO) cubes were often used to provide the most efficient Essbase solution. These solutions allowed developers to utilize the robust calculation capabilities of BSO along with the rapid aggregation capabilities of ASO. With the availability of hybrid storage mode, these multiple cube solutions can now be simplified into a single hybrid cube.

Fortune 200 Global Food Conglomerate Goes Live!

After a merger, two companies became one.  But what about their financial systems??  One legacy company used HFM, Planning and Essbase with Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS), whereas the other legacy company managed their own HFM environment but used Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS).  The combined company needed one new, cohesive environment managed by OMCS. Both HFM applications had disparate charts of accounts that needed to be merged, and management reporting in Essbase needed to be realigned to agree to HFM.


Excel to Essbase for Price, Volume and Currency Analysis!

In Finit’s latest Go-live announcement, our client went live with a solution that moved their Price, Volume, and Currency analysis from hundreds of linked and nested Excel files to Essbase.  With the new application, our client is able to analyze variances in these three categories between Actual and Forecasted results, as well as between different Forecast versions.

Company Profile

  • Commercial Seed Producer
  • Revenue: $7.3bn (estimated)

Project Highlights


Out with Spreadsheets, in with OneStream!

Finit’s latest OneStream success story, an S&P 600 medical technology company, went live in January 2017 with OneStream Software for all financial consolidation reporting activities.  This encompassed the Actual, Budget, and monthly Forecast processes but also included a Weekly Forecast and Long Range Plan!

Replacing a manually-driven Excel spreadsheet process for consolidations and reporting, OneStream also now produces External and Management reporting and houses all necessary data in one place – OneStream!

Project Highlights


Fortune 500 Global Automotive Components Supplier Goes Live on EPM!

Finit is excited to announce that one of our clients has gone live with an upgrade and redesign on version   Previously on our client’s  upgrade included HFM, Planning and a conversion from FDM to FDMEE. With the upgrade to the client wanted to make design changes and hardware upgrades to their current applications. These changes included modifications to their Constant Rate Analysis, Entity Structure, Chart of Accounts, and rules. Our client went live in early February 2017.

Company Profile


Webinar: How to Let Go: Enterprise Archive Apps in HFM / OneStream

Hyperion Enterprise was a great finance tool that revolutionized corporate consolidations and reporting.  For some, Enterprise was so great that it's still very hard to let it go!

Chris Barbieri sits down to talk with Oracle's Senior Product Manager, Rich Wilkie

Finit's Chris Barbieri sits down at KScope16 to talk with Oracles Rich Wilkie about the hot topics related to the Cloud, HFM and patch sets


Unmatched Experience: Worldwide Safety Lighting and Audible Warning Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor goes Live on New HFM Application

“There have been very few times in my career that I have the ability to say thank-you to a software implementation team for bringing a project in “on-time and on-budget”.  So it is with great admiration and pleasure that I send you this note to simply say thank-you for your efforts and congratulations on a job well-done!  The HFM application is live and I offer my appreciation to all of you for seeing this project through to a successful conclusion.”

-Chief Financial Officer


$5.4B Real Estate Firm Goes Live on OneStream

Another exciting and successful Go-Live for OneStream and Finit.  Our client is a $5.4B real estate firm ranked in the Fortune 500 and handles all types of real estate services from helping landlords find tenants to helping renters find the right location and deal structure.

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